Many of us will, at some point in our lives, temporarily need help managing our affairs because of illness, injury or simply because we are aging! "Oh no, let's not go there" your heart says! To your peril, we say. It's scary to think about disasters or dying or suddenly losing our ability to manage our affairs.  

If you simply hope for the best, or trust people to function well during an emergency, you are not alone.  The truth is, you're taking a huge risk and the less you do now, the more you have to worry about later on.

We  help you prepare - at a very practical level - for a time when you might need help managing your affairs.  We call this getting "Ready to Delegate". 

We help you think through your topmost concerns, that you would want handled in an emergency, and then document clear instructions and information for your trusted person, which you can keep private until or if you need their help.

Getting "Ready to Delegate" your important responsibilities can protect your life savings, help you stay in control, and reduce the chance of error or misunderstandings, and even family conflict. 

When there are problems, you or your heirs pay for them.

​If you have important responsibilities or accumulated wealth, you will have more peace of mind in an emergency, knowing you're able to quickly convey important instructions and information to someone you trust.  

Let's all get
​"Ready to Delegate".

I am expertly qualified to help a client document the information and instructions that would be most helpful for their fiduciary – because I know their job.  I have training and experience in managing the estate of others, as a state-licensed professional fiduciary.

I work privately, respectfully and confidentially, often in a client’s home, using a comfortable interview style, in a neutral and supportive manner.  ​Sometimes it is just easier to discuss these things, in confidence, with a neutral third party rather than a family member.

We can begin with one or two conversations, to get the ball rolling. Going further, I will prepare an organized Fiduciary Plan that essentially contains all you would want someone to know or do, in an emergency.  

I have facilitated delicate "family conversations" and collaborated with my client's trusted advisers.  More importantly, I am particularly good at spotting potential problems a fiduciary may run into, so they may be addressed or even resolved now.  

I love the work and sincerely want to protect the estate of people who need help!

                ~Vicki Clarke, Owner

What Would
​You Need Handled?


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We help you document information and instructions which you can keep private until or if you need help. 

Expert Coaching

Will there be important things you will need someone to know or do, if you find you are suddenly lying in a hospital bed, stranded while traveling abroad, or simply unable to think clearly for a while?

We think so, especially if you have accumulated wealth or critical responsibilities.

Your top priority may be about the care and comfort of the people who depend upon you, or that your home, property or valuables are protected.

You may need someone to handle your bills, mail, and bookkeeping, or make sure no one is taking advantage of you financially.

The clearer you convey your preferences and instructions, the more likely they will be followed. You don't want people guessing at what to do, or making bad decisions.

Timing is very important.  The longer it takes your trusted person to get "up to speed", the more risk something will get overlooked or mishandled.  

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OUR COMPANY MISSION is to safeguard the estate of all Americans who need help,
​reduce the risk of financial elder abuse nationwide, and promote good fiduciary practices.